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Wooden Hut

free delivery to vail valley

Happy to deliver a $200 minimum order with a 24 hour advance notice, tips appreciated


Bone-in rib-eyes : export rib
Beef tenderloins + filets
Hanger steak
Milk-fed veal: scallopini + veal chops + shanks
Muscovy duck breasts
Free-range chicken : airline breasts + whole
Lamb racks
Lamb sirloins
Leg of lamb
Lamb shanks

Pork tenderloins

Pork racks + chops

Pork butt

Buffalo tenderloin + ribeyes

Waygu + kobe beef

Ground beef + buffalo

Kobe beef hotdogs

QuailVenison + Elk + Game

Foie Gras

Veal sweetbreads

Organic “running around” eggs


At cut, we stock our coolers with over 40 meats and 20 types of seafood every day, but if we don’t carry it, we’re more than happy to order it for you. Just fill out the form below or call us directly at one of these numbers.  

Edwards Location: 970-926-3007

Eagle Location: 970-705-1737

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Thank you for contacting us. Someone will respond shortly.


Salmon: wild + Loch duart + Norwegian + king
Ahi Tuna: #1 + #2
Diver scallops
Idaho River Trout
Whole Branzini + co. hybrid bass + Barramundi

Black Cod/Sable


Shrimp: Gulf + royal reds + bay


Halibut: Alaskan + Californian

Sole: dover + lemon + petrale

Cod: east coast “true”

Pei Mussels

prepared foods

Cut beef mix burgers (mostly tenderloin)
Garliky escargot (oven ready)
Gulf shrimp Cocktail + cut-made cocktail sauce
Cut-made Italian sausage
Cut-made breakfast sausage
Blue-fin Crab Cakes {GF}
Norweigan salmon cakes {GF}
Snow crab claws + Joes mustard sauce

House smoked Baby Back Ribs
Veal + Beef meatballs with Italian “Gravy”
Compound butters: herb + scallion
+ chipotle white pepper
Cut-cured bacon
Tender belly bacon
Smoked salmon Dip

Rainbow Trout Spread

Over 20 organic frozen ready to cook + serve hors d’ouevres

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